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LHR made things so easy! It really was just as simple as contacting them and they handled the rest, not to mention that I called them at 10pm. This type of emergency typically takes me 2 hours to get sorted out, but it took less than two minutes with LHR. Thank you for making this so easy, it’s greatly appreciated. LHR’s customer service is bar none, and in my opinion can’t be beat, thank you.

Jennie K.
Community Association Manager, Tuscon, AZ

I know we are quick to complain when something goes wrong. So, I think it’s only fair to compliment someone when they do something well. The new roofs lost some shingles during the wind storm on Christmas day. I contacted Josh from LHR on Christmas Monday when most everyone had the day off. He not only responded immediately, he had a roof inspector out that same day. He then got a crew out today to repair any missing shingles. And all of this is covered under the LHR warranty, so there will be no charge to us. Any company can look good when everything goes right. It’s how they respond to the things that go wrong that shows me what kind of company you are dealing with. I want to thank Josh and LHR for their quick response.

Steven Y.
Board Member, Tuscon, AZ

We are so happy with the job that LHR did! Every person we had any dealings with was super — especially Chester! It all started with Aimee though! You guys did a great job on everything and went above & beyond on many details. We are very pleased with everyone at LHR and with every aspect of the work you guys did for us. Thank you!

Sherry W.
Homeowner, Chicago, IL

The crew was great! They were friendly, efficient and treated my home as if it was their own. They even took extra precautions to ensure that the home was dried more effectively. I hope I never have to go through a flood again, however, if I did I would definitely hire LHR again.

Priscilla M.
Homeowner, Houston, TX

It was amazing to me how clean and organized the job site was. It was clear to me that this is a priority for them. Very pleased!

Harry Y.
Homeowner, Ft. Myers, FL

I enjoyed working with LHR. Their professional attitude and friendly approach to problem solving made the whole experience worthwhile. Thank You!

Robert B.
Homeowner, Nashville, TN

This company was hired by our Condominium Association after extensive water damage involving several units. We met Aimee Adams who is the Director of Client Services. She was courteous and approachable and she promptly responded via email or phone to our several queries while our condo was being restored.

Sandeep J.
Homeowner, St. Louis Park, MN

I always have a pleasant experience with LHR. They are timely and very efficient in what they do. Everyone I have worked with is happy and assertive in handling any questions I have.

Brittany K.
Homeowner, San Diego, CA

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